13 Mar

To Catch a Prejudice in SAE

25 Sep

Crawford Murder Cops Not Charged Tape Released, Wiz and Rose Split, A Real Situation, more

1) Cover Up: John Crawford III’s family fought for more than a month to have the footage of his shooting by police inside a Beavercreek, Ohio, Wal-Mart released. Early Wednesday it was announced that no charges would be brought against the officers involved; then the footage was released. Watch the video if you can stomach it -we only did once for journalistic purposes. http://www.theroot.com/articles/culture/2014/09/surveillance_video_released_of_walmart_toy_gun_police_shooting.html

2) That Was Quick: Amber Rose has filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa after one year of marriage. Citing irreconcilable differences, Amber, 30, lists the date of separation as September 22 in divorce papers obtained by ET. She is asking for full legal and physical custody of their one-year-old son Sebastian. Amber and Wiz began dating in 2011, and got married on July 8, 2013. The timing of the split is surprising given that just two weeks ago, Amber took to Instagram to wish Wiz a happy 27th birthday with this romantic message. “Happy 27th Birthday @mistercap I’ll love u forever…. Hope this year is an amazing one for u sweetheart ??,” she wrote. Continue Reading »

21 Aug

Last Week Tonight: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization

Nail On the Head: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police MilitarizationYouTube Preview Image

01 Aug

Week in Review: Zimmerman Strikes Again, Celebs Speaking Out on Israel, Ma$e Done with Church?, more

1) It seems everyone in the United States is not swayed by the Israeli propaganda that passes for news in this country. John Legend recently tweeted that he was ‘So sick watching our Secretary of State grovel to tell Israel how much he loves them’ Meanwhile Brit, Russell Brand was recently clowning Sean Hannity: YouTube Preview Image
Apparently the critique got under Hannity’s skin so he tried to respond but when he did this happened – damn you Geraldo: Continue Reading »

27 Jul

Nicki Minaj’s Butt Moment, Why People Don’t Trust Police, #WeStillComing# Real Story, more

westillcomingFact Check- We Still Coming, the Real Story: Amy and Ian Hicks saw their unique wedding photo and the story about it everywhere in recent weeks — in People magazine, the New York Post, the Daily Mail and of course on Reddit, where the tale went viral. But they didn’t recognize what they were reading. The articles all said different things, but the thrust was that the couple in the photo had accidentally sent a text message to a stranger inviting him to their wedding photoshoot. The photo accompanying the story in People showed the dude wasn’t lying. The wedding party in the photo was surrounded by a a group of new friends. It just didn’t happen. “I really wish they knew the real story,” Amy Hicks said in an interview with The Washington Post. “It’s amazing how many legitimate news publications will post anything online.” Here’s what really happened.

Butt Wait: Nicki Minaj fires back at critics with more images. Continue Reading »

20 Jul

Week in Review: Assault on Gaza Continues, Police Killing Fallout, Dame Dash’s New Attitude, Iggy Azalea Minstrel Show, more

gazaattackThe death, destruction and human suffering caused by Israel’s 11-day-old onslaught against the impoverished and densely populated Gaza Strip increased sharply Friday. Israeli troops and armored columns continued pushing into the territory in an invasion launched the night before, even as the bombardment from air, land and sea intensified. The death toll rose rapidly to the 300 mark on Friday, while the number of wounded climbed to well over 2,200. What is unfolding in Gaza is a calculated and savage war crime against a largely defenseless population carried out with the full and open support of Washington and the complicity of the European Union, the Arab regimes and the Palestinian Authority (PA) of President Mahmoud Abbas.
http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2014/07/19/gaza-j19.html Continue Reading »

24 Jun

Why You Should Always Videotape the Police

YouTube Preview Image
“I now have a policy to film every police officer that stops to avoid being brutally beaten and arrested for no reason.”
Cheers Nates Vlogs! This is how its done.

If you choose to record the police you can reduce the risk of terrible legal consequences and video loss by understanding your state’s laws and carefully adhering to the following rules.

Rule #1: Know the Law (Wherever You Are)
Rule #2 Don’t Secretly Record Police
Rule #3: Respond to “Shit Cops Say”
Rule #4: Don’t Share Your Video with Police
Rule #5: Prepare to be Arrested
Rule #6: Master Your Technology
Rule #7: Don’t Point Your Camera Like a Gun
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/videotape-police/#dw4dZxtQWHGVKMqr.99

24 Jun

YouTube Preview Image
Four year-old Abby Dean from Washington, Wisconsin ruined a plan to falsely accuse her black next door neighbor of robbing her house last Wednesday.

On June 18th Abby and her babysitter were home alone when two men broke into the house stealing the family’s iPod, Xbox and Wii consoles.

The 17 year-old sitter told the police that two armed black men had broken into the house and that one of them looked like the family’s African-American neighbor, Cody Oaks. Soon after, police arrested Oaks and questioned him for hours. But it wasn’t until Abby spoke up that they were able to solve the crime. Abby told the police that “It wasn’t the right skin color,” explaining that the invaders had been white, not black. Continue Reading »

20 Jun

Justice Delayed: Wrongfully Convicted Central Park 5 to Settle for $40Million

central park 5 pictureThe five men whose convictions in the brutal 1989 beating and rape of a female jogger in Central Park were later overturned have agreed to a settlement of about $40 million from New York City to resolve a bitterly fought civil rights lawsuit over their arrests and imprisonment in the sensational crime.

The agreement, reached between the city’s Law Department and the five plaintiffs, would bring to an end an extraordinary legal battle over a crime that came to symbolize a sense of lawlessness in New York, amid reports of “wilding” youths and a marauding “wolf pack” that set its sights on a 28-year-old investment banker who ran in the park many evenings after work.

The confidential deal, disclosed by a person who is not a party in the lawsuit but was told about the proposed settlement, must still be approved by the city comptroller and then by a federal judge. Continue Reading »

17 Jun

Eve Ties the Knot

evemarriedCongrats to Eve and Maximillion Cooper!

Wearing a gorgeous wedding gown by British designer Alice Temperley and a cathedral-length veil, the 35-year-old hip-hop star and xXx actress wed the British Gumball 3000 motor rally CEO and co-founder and fellow fashion designer on Saturday, June 13 in Ibiza, Spain.

“I’m so happy to make Eve my wife,” Cooper told E! News exclusively. “The whole experience has been amazing and we are both so happy to have tied the knot.” Continue Reading »

12 Jun

No More Big Brother: Kanye and Jay-Z on the Outs

Okay, Internet, you want a Kanye West/Jay Z feud? Fine. You win, at least according to the latest speculation.

Rumblings of tension between the Carter and West/Kardashian clans have been bubbling for a while now, cemented by Jay Z and Beyonce’s absence at the Kimye wedding last month. West added fuel to the supposed fracas this past weekend while performing at the X Games in Austin, Texas. During at least three songs, the rapper omitted Jay’s name from his usual lyrics. Continue Reading »

04 Jun

A Revolutionary Remembered: World Renowned Pan Africanist Joins the Ancestors

elombe brathOn the very day his friends and comrades were celebrating the birthday of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz), Elombe Brath was joining his fellow revolutionary on the other side of our struggle. Brath, 77, made his transition on Monday, May 19 at the Amsterdam Nursing Home, according to his son, Cinque.

Brath had been at the nursing home for several years after a series of strokes limited his ability to function in the capacity that had made him a legendary freedom fighter of international acclaim.

While our struggle for total liberation could have continued to use his wise counsel and unwavering commitment to civil and human rights, his legacy was established years ago. His Pan-African and Black Nationalist credentials were impeccable, and his devotion to African liberation was sealed with the founding of the Patrice Lumumba Coalition, over which he presided with eloquence and peerless determination. Continue Reading »

26 May

Tim Wise Brilliantly Explains What’s Wrong With Mark Cuban’s Statements

Tim Wise Brilliantly Explains What’s Wrong With Mark Cuban’s Statements
“Conservative Black Chick” taken to school

18 May

It Can Be Done: Germany Generating 74 percent of Energy from Renewable Sources

Germany remains one of the best examples around the world for countries, regions and communities with dreams of amping up their renewable energy generation. The country on Sunday set a record by generating 74 percent of energy from renewable sources, according to Renewables International.

The news follows a record-setting first quarter for the country, with renewables meeting 27 percent of demand. Renewable generators produced 40.2 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity during this year’s first three months, compared up to 35.7 billion kilowatt-hours in the same period last year, the Federal Association of Energy and Water Industries told Bloomberg. Continue Reading »

18 May

Bee Gone: Study Links Pesticides to Bee Population Collapse

Once again, new reports have surfaced providing more evidence that the destructive use of pesticides in large-scale agriculture must be stopped in order to protect the plummeting global bee population due to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

The first study, from Harvard School of Public Health, found that two widely used neonicotinoids appear to significantly harm honeybee colonies over the winter, particularly colder winters. The study—which replicated a 2012 study from the same research group, that came to a similar conclusion—links low doses of the neonicotinoids imidacloprid and clothianidin to CCD and finds that “bees from six of the 12 neonicotinoid-treated colonies had abandoned their hives and were eventually dead with symptoms resembling CCD,” while those colonies not exposed to the neonics survived their hibernation Continue Reading »

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