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01 Aug

Week in Review: Zimmerman Strikes Again, Celebs Speaking Out on Israel, Ma$e Done with Church?, more

1) It seems everyone in the United States is not swayed by the Israeli propaganda that passes for news in this country. John Legend recently tweeted that he was ‘So sick watching our Secretary of State grovel to tell Israel how much he loves them’ Meanwhile Brit, Russell Brand was recently clowning Sean Hannity: YouTube Preview Image
Apparently the critique got under Hannity’s skin so he tried to respond but when he did this happened – damn you Geraldo: (more…)

15 Mar

OutFOXED, A Waste Odyssey: News Hypocrisy on Spending Tax Dollars

21 Feb

Finalist: And the Stupid Negro Award Goes to…….

A second juror from the Michael Dunn trial has broken her silence, and she reiterated the belief, first expressed by juror No. 4, that race didn’t play a role in the case, Mediaite reports. Juror No. 8, an African American, told CNN in an exclusive interview that it was never about race for her; it was about justice.

“I never once thought about, ‘Oh, this was a black kid, this was a white guy.’ Because that was—that wasn’t the case,” the 21-year-old, who was the youngest on the jury, told CNN reporter Alina Machado. When asked what she would say to those who thought Dunn’s race allowed him to get away with murder when the jury failed to convict him on first-degree charges in the killing of 17-year-old Jordan Davis, the juror said they should learn the law.

“I would tell them that they really should knowledge themselves on the law,” Miles replied. “It was about justice.” Earlier this week, juror No. 4, the first to speak out in the Dunn case, told ABC News that Dunn likely would’ve killed a white teen in the same situation and that race was never discussed while they deliberated Dunn’s verdict.

Yes that is pretty dumb but compare it to the Stupid Negro Award Winner, the one and only, Toni “I Must Really Hate Myself” Braxton video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

22 Jan

OUR Internet: Verizon, the FCC and What You Need to Know About Net Neutrality

Verizon, the FCC and What You Need to Know About Net Neutrality

Editor’s note: On January 14, DC’s Circuit Court of Appeals found that the FCC does not have the authority to impose its net neutrality rules on Internet service providers. Read on to learn what that means for the future of the Internet.

internet_protest_cc_imgOver the last decade, net neutrality has increasingly made its way into public discourse: politicians on Capitol Hill have battled over it, corporations have worked to curb it and public interest advocates have fought to preserve it. In September, the fight to keep the Internet free and open found its way to the DC’s Circuit Court of Appeals, where Verizon is attempting to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s current net neutrality regulations. Verizon vs. FCC, which could be decided as soon as this month, is the latest and arguably most important battle to protect the Internet from censorship and discrimination. But what is net neutrality? And what could this case mean for the future of the Internet? We’ve put together this “explainer” to catch you up.

What is net neutrality?

Network neutrality, or net neutrality, is a term first coined by technology policy scholar Tim Wu to describe the preservation of online innovation by prohibiting companies from discriminating against some users and content, or prioritizing some content over others. It guarantees a level playing field in which Internet users do not have to pay Internet service providers more for better access to online content, and content generators do not have to pay additional fees to ensure users can access their websites or apps. (more…)

31 Aug

All the Lies that are Fit to Broadcast: CNN Busted Using Staged Syria Coverage

Anderson Cooper and CNN have been caught staging fake news about Syria to justify military intervention.
By JG Vibe,

The primary “witness” that the mainstream media is using as a source in Syria has been caught staging fake news segments. Recent video evidence proves that “Syria Danny”, the supposed activist who has been begging for military intervention on CNN, is really just a paid actor and a liar.

While Assad is definitely a tyrant like any head of state, a US invasion of the country is a worst case scenario for the people living there.

By pointing out that the mainstream media is orchestrating their entire coverage of this incident, we are not denying that there is a tremendous amount of death and violence in Syria right now. However, we are showing that the mainstream media version of events is scripted and staged propaganda. The following video shows him contradicting himself while off air, and even asking crew members to “get the gunfire sounds ready” for his video conference with Anderson Cooper on CNN.YouTube Preview Image (more…)

23 Aug

Amazing read by AA Hollywood actors- Little Black Boy Wonder

YouTube Preview Image

02 May

Eyes of the Rainbow: Assata Shakur Documentary/Part 4 of 6

25 Feb

Romney’s main man says media was not Pro Obama

15 Jan

Bill O’ Really Strikes Again: Everyday Racism at FOX News

Bill O’Reilly Accidentally Gets Really Racist On Fox News And They Don’t Even Notice
While in a discussion about Hawaii’s social and financial problems, Bill O’Reilly utters a sentence so ignorant and rude that practically any newsroom on the planet would have reprimanded him. Fortunately for O’Reilly, he was on Fox News. In addition to making a ridiculous and sweeping statement about Asian people, O’Reilly also seems to imply that there are cultures that are lazy and careless. Since this clip surfaced, several statements have been made by Hawaiian officials speaking out against O’Reilly and his remarks.
YouTube Preview Image

06 Jan

Model Kimmi Kennedy Explains Exactly How You Can Tell fake butts from real

what do you believe ?

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09 Dec

outrage after teacher told students to ‘draw Obama drowning & White House underwater

‘My (project) was the president being saved instead of drowning him… so I drowned his wife and the dog,’ said junior Carnal Washington. ‘I felt bad. It didn’t feel right drowning the president.

According to Washington, the student with the highest praise did more than just put the president underwater.
‘The highest grade in the class was a girl who had Obama swimming toward a bucket of chicken instead of his family. I thought that was sad, but when (the teacher) saw it, he started laughing,’ Washington told CBS Los Angeles.

26 Nov

Called Out: Fox News Of ‘Operating As A Wing Of The Republican Party’

Thomas Ricks Accuses Fox News Of ‘Operating As A Wing Of The Republican Party’

A Fox News interview ended rather abruptly on Monday after a guest took not one but two jabs at the network hosting him.
Co-anchor Jon Scott interviewed Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Thomas Ricks, who has covered the military for decades, about his new book “The Generals.” Scott asked Ricks weigh in on the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and Sen. John McCain’s criticisms of Amb. Susan Rice. (more…)

04 Oct

Jim Lehrer Debate moderator gets a ZERO

Lehrer was awful

03 Oct

Full Video Of Nicki Minaj Going GHETTO On Mariah Carey On American Idol

Video Of Nicki Minaj Going GHETTO On Mariah Carey On American Idol

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30 Aug

Rich People Behaving Badly: Billionaire Adelson’s Daughter Attacks Media for Questions

When Democracy Now! senior producer Mike Burke attempted to interview billionaire casino magnate and Republican donor Sheldon Adelson inside the Republican National Convention, a woman identified as Adelson’s daughter grabbed our video camera, tried to take it into a private suite and then threw the camera to the ground. While Adelson’s daughter first accused Burke of hitting her, she later came out of the suite to apologize. The incident was caught on tape, shortly after Burke questioned another billionaire GOP donor, David Koch, as well as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele. Burke files a report and joins us to describe what happened

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