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13 Aug

Idiots: The 35 Best Times Someone On Facebook Thought ‘The Onion’ Was Real

click here to see more from facebook idiots…


25 Jan

Raekwon – Rich & Black feat Nas

05 Dec

Fraternity Branding

22 Oct

Bill Maher Episode 263 October ,19, 2012 Mitt Romney behind closed doors

18 Oct

I Hate Rappers [Dormtainment Comedy Skit]

04 Oct

Hilarious: Blacks For Romney


21 Aug

Parents gone wild-What’s wrong with this picture?

Six-year-old rapper’s raunchy video for single Booty Pop is an online hit (but he’s too young to watch it)
YouTube has flagged it as inappropriate, restricting users under 18
Viewers have called it ‘child abuse’
This six-year-old rapper can sing ‘I can make your booty pop’ but is too young to watch his film clip full of semi-naked women because YouTube has flagged it as inappropriate.
Albert Roundtree Jnr from South Florida has released a YouTube video for his first single Booty Pop, which features the little boy singing lines like ‘I can make your booty pop’ while two women’s bikini-clad bottoms shake around him.
Since it was uploaded on July 2, YouTube has flagged it as inappropriate, restricting users under 18. Somebody should interview the girls who posed as models for this film also.
booty what? ..get a book
Read more and see video here:

24 Jul

Rapper Soulja Boy is king of Coons

Ignorant Young rapper astounds crowd at awards bash by claiming that slavery helped black people get out of Africa.

He may well inspire a dance that’s worth 40m YouTube hits, but that doesn’t mean Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em is an expert in race relations. At BET’s Hip-Hop Awards wrap event last week, the 18-year-old Atlanta rapper shocked the crowd by coming out in favour of slavery. (more…)

11 Jun

Like Father like son:Pastor dies of snake bite trying to prove snake wont bite

scripture wrong
A West Virginia Pentecostal pastor who used poisonous snakes during religious services has died of a rattlesnake bite. Mack Wolford, who just turned 44, was killed by a snake he had owned for years, reports the Washington Post. He was bitten during an outdoor service at a state park he had hoped would be a “homecoming like the old days,” filled with people speaking in tongues, handling snakes and having a “great time,” he said on his Facebook page. “Praise the Lord and pass the rattlesnakes, brother,” he wrote last week. (more…)

23 May

Corny Rap has gone global

18 May

Superhero Technology of today vs Yesteryear

If you saw the Avengers you saw amazing technology of comic book heroes in effect.
It was almost as if you were reading a comic book since the CGI and animation made everything so real.
However if we look back to this 80″s clip of Hulk vs Thor we can see how corny and cheesy our entertainment was compared to watching Hulk vs Thor in 2012 Avengers movie.
I guess you realize how spoiled this generation is in terms of special effects in a film.

04 May

Avengers Super Hero Cypher BET 2012

Hip Hop Nerds here we go

24 Apr

Dirty Old Man: Brian McKnight Wants to Teach the Ladies About Anatomy

Brian McKnight adult mix tape preview ‘Let Me Show You How Your Pussy Works” – smdh

This video caused an uproar and got to Trending on Twitter and when Brian McKnight deleted it a lot of people started promoting their own songs so screw that. Here it is
YouTube Preview Image

24 Apr

Sucker!: Woman Claims She Was Fired After Donating Kidney for Boss

A New York Long Island woman said she was fired after she donated a kidney to help save the life of her boss.

Debbie Stevens, a 47-year-old divorced mother of two, filed a formal complaint with the New York State Human Rights Commission last Friday, claiming her boss used her for her organ then fired her “after the woman got what she wanted.” Stevens’ boss, 61-year-old Jackie Brucia, is one of the West Islip controllers for Atlantic Automotive Group, a billion-dollar dealership operator. Brucia hired Stevens in January 2009 as an assistant. (more…)

17 Mar

Key & Peele: I Said B*tch

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