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05 Dec

Fraternity Branding

22 Oct

Bill Maher Episode 263 October ,19, 2012 Mitt Romney behind closed doors

04 Oct

Hilarious: Blacks For Romney


17 Mar

Key & Peele: I Said B*tch

01 Jun

The President’s Speech

30 May

Obama as a Jamaican -lol (voice over)

11 May

Hitler stunned as everybody else was during the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

24 Feb

The Real Housewives of Civil Rights leaders-Black History Spoof

Spoof on Black History Month,civil rights leaders wives and real housewives of atlanta -comedy video

News & Comedy at playahata.Com

07 Dec

Question: WTF Would You Do With $700 Billion?

700. Billion. Dollars. That’s how much it will cost to renew the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2%. WTF? I don’t know about you, but it seems weird to me to be spending a cool $700B on tax cuts for those who need it the least at a time when millions of Americans are suffering. It’s enough to make you ask:

WTF Would YOU Spend 700 Billion Dollars On?
(Note: the above link does *NOT* use the safe-for-work acronym WTF.)

Or, for a ready-for-grandma squeaky-clean version, we set up a website where you can ask:
What The Heck Would YOU Spend 700 Billion Dollars On?

We did the math, and here’s just a few of the things we could spend the dough on, besides tax cuts for Bill Gates:

14 MILLION college scholarships for American high school students. Parental Leave for EVERY working parent in the United States. High-speed bullet-train lines across the country – and down BOTH coasts. It’s enough to make you ask all your friends:

What the fuck would you do with 700 billion dollars?

15 Sep

Youcoon – Have you bookmarked a You coon site yet?

01 Sep

Black Friend Finder:Now that Obama is President, everybody wants a black friend

Black Friend Finder - watch more funny videos

22 Jul

Jennifer Anniston adopts African Man from Ethiopia to play house with

For Hip Hop News & Entertainment at

19 Jul

keepin it fake goes right?: The Fake ‘American’ Rappers Who Fooled Everyone

lies and more lies
Gavin Bain and Billy Boyd were two college friends from Dundee, Scotland, trying to make a name for themselves in rap music. But despite a talent for spinning rhymes, they couldn’t make it past the local scene. They even traveled to London for open auditions to become the next Eminem, but were told that they sounded more like a rapping version of the thick-accented pop group The Proclaimers.

19 Jul

hip hop Comedian Jack thriller talks about the hip hop week

9 min video

Young Jack Thriller does his weekly recap for Episode 11 focuses on The Latest news including Mel Gibson and Lebron James. He also talks about Kelis, Mary J. Blidge, The Game and Young Buck

28 Jun

Does AaronMcGruder Boondocks episode on Tossed salad go too far?-videos

boondocksWe know you have seen to Catch a Predator on NBC.
You are familiar with Scared Straight?
If you witnessed Lock-Up: RAW you saw the episode on Booty!
Well the Boondocks Last night episode mashed em all up but did it go too far? (more…)

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