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14 Apr

US Airways Anti Black Racism policy

US Airways ‘forced two black passengers to take off their jeans and hoodies before boarding first class… but let white passenger dressed identically on the plane’

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25 Feb


Onion’s Quvenzhane Wallis Tweet: Satirical Newspaper Blasted For Insulting 9-Year-Old African American Actress
The Onion set Twitter on fire Sunday night after insulting Oscar-nominated actress Quvenzhane Wallis.
The satirical newspaper’s tweet, shown below, called Wallis a “c–t.” Many Twitter users took umbrage to @TheOnion’s comment, particularly since it was aimed at the 9-year-old star of “Beasts of the Southern Wild.”The Onion has had thousands Unfollow them in the hours proceeding but they started with nearly 5 million followers. more

04 Feb

Editorial: N*ggas at the Grammys for Black History Month

kanye and jay z

Conservative talk show host , Sean O’Reilly hated Hip Hop with a passion. Yet, there he was, sitting in front of his flat screen watching the Grammys, anxiously , waiting for the rap song of the year to be announced . When the winner was finally revealed ,he jumped off his recliner like this favorite team had just won the Superbowl. No , he hadn’t become a converted Kanye West fan, he was just happy that he could announce to his millions of listeners the next morning that the best rap song was “N*ggas in Paris…”

06 Dec

Solar-powered plane aims to fly around the world

We have a “bright future” if we develop this energy source

29 Mar

Fight Monsanto… Here’s How

The multinational biotech giant MONSANTO is the world’s leading producer of genetically modified seeds and crops, responsible for 90 percent of the genetically engineered seed on the United States market. Monsanto, the company that brought the world Agent Orange, is also the creator of the best-selling herbicide Roundup, which has spawned over 120 million hectacres of herbicide-resistant superweeds while damaging massive amounts of soil.[1]
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09 Mar

Many Ugandans frustrated, suspicious of Kony 2012

The viral video campaign that put the name “Joseph Kony” atop Google searches and Twitter trends has stirred up frustration in Uganda, where the crimes of the infamous guerrilla leader are nothing new.

“The war is much more complex than just one man called Joseph Kony,” Ugandan journalist Rosebell Kagumire argues in the YouTube video above, saying the campaign gives a dated picture of Uganda. She added, “This is another video where I see an outsider trying to be a hero, rescuing African children.” (more…)

21 Feb

Yummy – Not!: Say HELL NO to Agent Orange Corn

Some of the effects of Agent Orange. ....And now they want to spray this on your food.

Is your food going to be sprayed with Agent Orange?

It sounds like a supervillain’s plot, but sadly, it’s not. A new genetically engineered variety of corn from Dow is designed to be resistant to a component of Agent Orange. Tell the USDA not to approve this crop! Right now, Dow’s Agent Orange corn is being rubberstamped through the approval process at USDA. It has not been adequately tested for our health or safety, and it should not be approved. We have until February 27 to tell the USDA to reject Agent Orange corn. (more…)

19 Dec

Ron Paul: American Constitution is basically over

15 Dec

Dogs and Water Hoses: Republicans Ramp Up Voter Suppression Efforts

In collaboration with Brave New Foundation, the NAACP has put together a new video about the impact of the voting right attacks on communities of color. Please take a moment to watch and spread the message to everyone you know, then text STAND to 62227 to join our fight for voting rights.
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01 Dec

Compassion Power: 103-year-old Saved from Eviction for Now

30 Nov

Tell the FCC: No More Handouts to Big Media.

Television and radio broadcasters get to use our public airwaves for free. It’s a great deal … for them, at least. For the rest of us, it’s just another corporate giveaway. These broadcasters rake in billions in profits using our public property. And what do we the public get from them in return? Next to nothing.

The original idea was to offer commercial broadcasters free access to our airwaves in exchange for programming that serves the needs of our communities. This is the core of the Federal Communications Commission’s public-interest bargain. But over the years broadcast industry lobbyists have trampled this social contract in their rush to maximize profits.

Instead of covering the issues communities say matter the most, broadcasters have shuttered their newsrooms, laid off journalists and aired cookie-cutter programming often produced by other stations.
Now the FCC is about to review its media ownership rules — including rules that promote localism, competition and diversity on the airwaves. These rules need to be strengthened and enforced. But the FCC has a track record of creating policies that cater to industry at the expense of the news people need:

Tell the FCC: No more handouts to big media. (more…)

20 Nov

Much Respect: Occupy Wall Walking from NYC to DC to Spread the Message

YouTube Preview Image
On November 23, the so-called “Super Committee” in Congress will decide on the future of America’s middle class – and whether it will stand with the 99% or the 1%. So a group of everyday heroes from Occupy Wall Street embarked on an incredible journey.

20 Nov

Early 2012 Election: Caste Your Vote for the Worst of the 1%

Which of the richest 1% are using their wealth and power to keep down the other 99%? Vote now. We’ll make videos exposing the ones that you choose. www.whoarethe1percent.comYouTube Preview Image

17 Nov

Turning It Up!!: Occupy Wall Street’s National Day of Action Launches with Protest at NY Stock Exchange

Today is a national day of action to mark the start of the third month of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Here in New York, organizers have been distributing posters reading “Shut Down Wall Street! Occupy the Subways! Take the Square!” As we broadcast protesters marched in various parts of the Financial District in an attempt to block the New York Stock Exchange from opening at 9:30 a.m. Labor organizers are planning protests at dozens of bridges across the country today as part of a campaign to highlight the need for increased spending on the nation’s infrastructure. In Portland, protesters are planning to occupy the Steel Bridge. In Seattle, an action will target the Montlake Bridge. In Washington, D.C., protesters will march on the Key Bridge. In New York, a 5 p.m. action is set at the Brooklyn Bridge. The protests come just two days after New York police raided Occupy Wall Street at Liberty Plaza and destroyed the encampment. Protesters have been allowed to return to the park, but without sleeping bags, tents or musical instruments. Democracy Now!’s Ryan Devereaux reports live from Wall Street, where protesters, with help from New York police, blockaded all streets leading to the Stock Exchange. “The plan is for sort of a three-pronged blitz on the Financial District, marches coming from all different directions, and trying to basically swarm the area with people,” Devereaux says. “The NYPD’s response has been equally robust. There are police vehicles, officers and barricades on every single street.”

11 Nov

Behind the Scenes: Are the Koch brothers Denying Your Vote?

For the past 8 months we have been investigating the billionaire Koch brothers and presenting the results of their political influence to you. With this latest installment, we have discovered what we think is their worst offense yet. Through their web of financial influence, Charles and David Koch are buying access to democracy’s lifeblood: free and fair elections. They are literally trying to take away your right to vote! Demand Attorney General Eric Holder enforce the landmark Voting Rights Act and stop discriminatory voter suppression laws.
FIGHT BACK and sign the petition:
Koch Brothers Exposed:
Advancement Project:
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