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30 Jun

Michael Rapaport and Q-Tip At Odds Over Documentary

As far as Michael Rapaport is concerned, Q-Tip can stick it in his ear. The actor and filmmaker tells us he’s given up trying to get the cotton-swab cognomen-ed leader of A Tribe Called Quest on board for the hotly anticipated documentary he’s made about the seminal hip-hop group.

Rapaport’s film, “Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest,” opens here and in Los Angeles on July 8, but you won’t see Q-Tip promoting the picture.


The highly respected rapper, producer and NYC deejay (real name: Kamaal Ibn John Fareed) is the only member of Tribe not to endorse the film. Though speculation persists that he’ll eventually relent, Rapaport says he’s “completely done” trying to reason with the rapper.

“I’m not reaching out to him anymore about this,” Rapaport says.

The Grammy-nominated Q-Tip, who a spokesman described as “tense about the documentary,” has snubbed the film because of creative differences that arose between him and Rapaport. (more…)

30 Jun

Business as Usual: NYPD Breakup Peter Rock, Smif-n-Wessun Party, Attack Attendees

***Pete Rock and family were not hurt in this incident.***
There was a fight somewhere outside or near the venue. Inside the venue was a fun party. The police entered the building ordering people to leave because of the fight on the street and then they began attacking party-goers. Business as usual at the NYPD.

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30 Jun

Out of Sight Out of Our Minds: Pollution Patches Larger than States, Countries Found in Oceans

What is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch?
A swirling sea of plastic bags, bottles and other debris is growing in the North Pacific, and now another one has been found in the Atlantic. But how did they get there? And is there anything we can do to clean them up?
YouTube Preview Image

Not all garbage ends up at the dump. A river, sewer or beach can’t catch everything the rain washes away, either. In fact, Earth’s largest landfill isn’t on land at all.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch stretches for hundreds of miles across the North Pacific Ocean, forming a nebulous, floating junk yard on the high seas. It’s the poster child for a worldwide problem: plastic that begins in human hands yet ends up in the ocean, often inside animals’ stomachs or around their necks. This marine debris has sloshed into the public spotlight recently, thanks to growing media coverage as well as scientists and explorers who are increasingly visiting the North Pacific to see plastic pollution in action. (more…)

30 Jun

Unsupervised: Oscar Grant Killer Quietly Released; Unsupervised Parole

OAKLAND, Calif. — Now that a white former San Francisco Bay area transit officer convicted of fatally shooting an unarmed black man has been released from jail, he is also free on unsupervised parole.

Johannes Mehserle, who served one year of a two-year sentence, was released under California’s non-revocable parole law because a risk assessment found he is less likely to reoffend, according to the state’s corrections department.

While Mehserle will be on parole for at least a year, he has no conditions placed on him. He also does not have to meet with a parole agent and his whereabouts will not be tracked, corrections spokesman Luis Patino said.

However, Mehserle would be subject to searches by law enforcement without probable cause for the length of his parole. The law also prohibits sending him back to prison unless he is convicted of a new crime. (more…)

29 Jun

Come and Get It: Help Make “Milk + Honey” A Reality

Asha May, together with her mentor Debbie Allen, Idris Elba and Lance Gross have created an excellent TV series Milk + Honey. Idris and the Brown Paper Dolls company (Chicagoans and Howard U, FAMU & Spelman, grads Dana Gills, Asha Kamali May, and Jeanette McDuffie) have been working on this series for over 3 years. The show was created to showcase diverse images of women of color that are rarely seen on the big or small screen, and also to create more opportunities for black actors.

The “Milk + Honey” scripted series will soon be seen on all platforms and is looking to get picked up by a TV network. Still, they need 1 million views of the trailer.

28 Jun

Ufo sighting goes Viral

…………Does video show UFO over UK? YEP …..

.By Zachary Roth
Senior National Affairs Reporter
.PostsEmailRSS .By Zachary Roth | The Lookout – 9 hrs ago
Does the video above show a UFO “mothership” and a fleet of spacecraft hovering in the sky over London, England?

It certainly seems to be sparking interest. Since being posted on YouTube Friday, it’s been viewed more than 835,000 times.

The video, taken by a pedestrian on a London street, shows three shining circular dots moving around the sky. Then a larger shape appears and hovers for a while, before abruptly moving behind a cloud.
“There’s a UFO up there,” says a man in the crowd.

Two similar videos have also appeared on YouTube recently. That’s led some to question whether the whole thing might just be a clever promotional campaign—a less alien concept in a world city today.

Whatever the truth about the video, some experts think we’re likely to come into contact with alien life forms sooner or later–perhaps sooner. “Life exists on other planets, and we will find it within 20 years,” a top Russian astronomer said Monday.

23 Jun

Lupe Fiasco on Bill O’Reilly

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22 Jun

Social Insecurity: Exposing the Koch Brothers

EXPOSE THE KOCHS: The Koch brothers fund multiple think tanks and academic centers to promote their ideology and grow their profits, a Brave New Foundation investigation reveals. Let’s create an echo chamber of truth by using YouTube’s SHARE tools above to protect Social Security and counter the Koch billions.
YouTube Preview Image

22 Jun

Plantation Mentality: Young Guru Drops Science on the Music Business

YouTube Preview Image

20 Jun

Enough Said: Jon Stewart On FAUX News

Poster’s Note: Listen at about 4 Min where the FOX news pundit completely exposes the station for what it is, a Right-wing propaganda outfit.

20 Jun

Basketball Wives Drama on radio

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19 Jun

Cruel System: Man Robs Bank to Get Health Care; Employer Fires Worker Over Spouse Illness

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Cancer is an awful thing for any family to deal with. It’s even more of a problem when it gets you fired.

When Carl Sorabella, of Massachusetts, told his employer that he would need to take some medical leave in order to deal with his wife’s cancer, he thought it was a reasonable request. But according to ABC News, when he walked into work on Monday, he found a note on his desk saying that he had been fired. (more…)

16 Jun

Bandwagon Baketball fans and rap stars

True Example of fake Miami Heat Fans

15 Jun

Mystery Solved?: Prison “Lifer” Admits to 1994 Tupac Shooting, Robbery

A convicted felon has stepped forward to claim he was behind the 1994 robbery and shooting of Tupac Shakur that fueled the bloody rivalry many blame for the rapper’s murder two years later.

Dexter Isaac, now serving a life sentence for murder, told that he robbed Shakur outside the Quad Studio in Manhattan in November 1994 on the orders of hip hop management mogul James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond. (more…)

14 Jun

Unfit for TV: Apology Demanded for Worse Political Ad in Decades

DCCC Demands GOP Condemn What Could Be Most Racist/Sexist Ad Ever

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a statement on Tuesday evening denouncing what could very well be the most outrageously sexist and racist ad in political history.

Earlier this week, the group Turn Right USA released a web ad that could double as a parody of race baiting and bigotry. The spot, targeting Janice Hahn — the Democratic candidate in a special election to take over Rep. Jane Harman’s L.A.-based House seat — spun a fairly uncontroversial attempt to have reformed gang-members draw current ones away from that lifestyle into tales of demonic violence, taxpayer subsidized rape and drug abuse.YouTube Preview Image

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