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30 Mar

Our Times: Davey D Asks the Questions, Dr. Joy DeGruy Drops the Science

tradiov on Broadcast Live Free

29 Mar

Fight Monsanto… Here’s How

The multinational biotech giant MONSANTO is the world’s leading producer of genetically modified seeds and crops, responsible for 90 percent of the genetically engineered seed on the United States market. Monsanto, the company that brought the world Agent Orange, is also the creator of the best-selling herbicide Roundup, which has spawned over 120 million hectacres of herbicide-resistant superweeds while damaging massive amounts of soil.[1]
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29 Mar

Killed at Home: White Plains, NY Police Called Out on Medical Alert Shoot Dead Black Veteran, 68

As the Trayvon Martin case draws national attention, we look at another fatal shooting of an African-American male that has received far less scrutiny. Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr., a 68-year-old African-American Marine veteran, was fatally shot in November by White Plains, NY, police who responded to a false alarm from his medical alert pendant. The officers broke down Chamberlain’s door, tasered him, and then shot him dead. Audio of the entire incident was recorded by the medical alert device in Chamberlain’s apartment. We’re joined by family attorneys and Chamberlain’s son, Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr., who struggles through tears to recount his father’s final moments, including the way police officers mocked his father’s past as a marine. “For them to look at my father that way, (with) no regard for his life, every morning I think about it,” he says. [includes rush transcript]

28 Mar

Case Closed: Videos and Hidden Facts Expose Zimmerman Murder Coverup

1) Did George Zimmerman have help from his father, a retired judge, in clearing his name in three separate arrests? That’s the question that’s being asked now that more information on Trayvon Martin’s 28-year-old killer is being revealed. According to court records George Zimmerman is the son of retired Supreme Court Magistrate Judge Robert J. Zimmerman, his mother Gladys Zimmerman is a court clerk. Now more info is being dug up on his George Zimmerman through public records and revealing his checkered past. According to a records search on George, he was previously arrested for domestic violence, resisting an officer without violence and most shockingly, resisting an officer with violence — a felony charge that surely could have landed him in prison. All three incidents were mysteriously closed with no semblance of charges for the Florida resident. So how was someone with a violent past including that of battery against an officer able to carry a 9 mm handgun?

Note: It has been brought to our attention that George Zimmerman has been arrested one time, not three, and that the charges against him were dropped after he completed a pre-trial diversion program. The additional two charges stem from the same incident on the same date.

2) Video Obtained by ABC news shows George Zimmerman had no injuries or blood on him when taken by police.
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28 Mar

The Law,The debate and the killing stereotype

28 Mar

KONY Uganda Hoax

“One of the heads of Jason Russell’s Invisible Children organization made a disturbing video after the charity won a $1 million grant … in which he appears to be drunk and joking about keeping $900,000 for himself. TMZ has obtained the clip … featuring Jedidiah Jenkins, the Director of Ideology for the charity dedicated to hunting down African warlord Joseph Kony. The footage appears to be shot in 2010 … right after Invisible Children won the $1 million grand prize in the Chase Community Giving Facebook competition. ” – TMZ.COM
I hope you didnt give these fools any money!

27 Mar

With Friends Like These…: Russell Simmons Rips “Friend” Geraldo Over “Apology”

Geraldo Rivera offered something of an apology on Tuesday for controversial comments he made last week about the hooded sweatshirt Trayvon Martin was wearing when the unarmed 17-year-old was shot and killed by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in Sanford, Fla., last month. “I apologize for hurting people’s feelings,” Rivera said on his radio show Tuesday afternoon. “I don’t back down from my message … Don’t be a 911 call waiting to happen.”

Russell Simmons, who called Rivera his longtime friend, promptly ripped the apology.

“Geraldo, your apology is bull—-!” Simmons wrote on “Your apology is nothing but a defense of a racist, backward thing you already said. And I am a yogi, and I generally don’t speak like this, but I have to say it like it is. It is a non-apology apology that continues to blame the victim for their appearance.”

Simmons continued: (more…)

27 Mar

No Longer A Menace: Rodman Claiming Broke and Sick, Misses Support Payments

Dennis Rodman is “extremely sick” and “broke,” which prevents him from being current on child and spousal support payments, court documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune say. Rodman, 51, owes more than $800,000 in back child support for two children he had with his third wife, Michelle Rodman, her attorney said in court documents. He also owes more than $51,000 in spousal support, Jack Kayajanian claims.
Rodman must appear in court in Orange County, Calif., and faces 20 days in jail for not paying, according to the documents.

“Respondent Dennis Rodman is broke and cannot afford any additional fees,” documents filed on his behalf by his attorney Linnea Willis say. His lawyer claims Rodman has been able to pay support recently only by borrowing money from his finance manager, Peggy Williams, and his agent, Darren Prince. (more…)

27 Mar

Justice for Shaima Alawadi: Iraqi Immigrants in California Town Fear a Hate Crime

EL CAJON, Calif. — Shaima Alawadi’s family says they found the first note taped to the front door of their house on a quiet suburban street here. It said: “This is my country. Go back to yours, terrorist,” according to her 15-year-old son, Mohammed. Ms. Alawadi’s husband, Kassim Alhimidi, says he wanted to call the police. But his wife said no, insisting the note was only a child’s prank. Like many others in the neighborhood, the couple were immigrants from Iraq. In 17 years in the United States, they had been called terrorists before, he said.

But last Wednesday, Ms. Alawadi was found in the family’s dining room by her 17-year-daughter, lying unconscious in a puddle of blood with a severe head wound. Nearby lay another threatening note, similar to the one the family found a week earlier. Ms. Alawadi, 32, died three days later. The police caution against jumping to conclusions, saying they are still trying to determine whether she was targeted because of her religion or ethnicity, calling that just one possibility.

“At this point, we are not calling it a hate crime,” said Lt. Mark Coit of the El Cajon police. “We haven’t made that determination. We are calling it an isolated incident, because we don’t have any evidence of anything similar going on at this point.” (more…)

27 Mar

More Magic: Former Laker, Hall of Famer to Lead Group to Buy Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has announced an agreement to sell the bankrupt team for $2 billion to a group that includes former Lakers star Magic Johnson and former Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals President Stan Kasten. The agreement, announced Tuesday night about after five hours after Major League Baseball owners approved three finalists for the auction, is to lead to a transfer of the team by the end of April. It is subject to approval in federal bankruptcy court.

Mark Walter, chief executive officer of the financial services firm Guggenheim Partners would become the controlling owner. The price would be easily a record for a North American sports franchise. As part of the agreement, the Dodgers said McCourt and “certain affiliates of the purchasers” would acquire the land surrounding Dodger Stadium for $150 million.

27 Mar

United States of Florida: ALEC Pushes “Stand Your Grown” Laws Across Nation

Wisconsin is a rod-and-gun state, with a hunting history that has fostered traditions of broad gun ownership and respect for the right to bear arms.

So how did Wisconsin get saddled with a “Castle Doctrine” law that mirrors some of the worst aspects of the Florida legislation that’s now at the center of the controversy over the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Not because sportsmen and women, law enforcement officers, legal scholars or grassroots citizens decided Wisconsin should borrow bad ideas from distant states.

Wisconsin has a “Castle Doctrine” law because the American Legislative Exchange Council, the corporate-funded group that aligns special-interest organizations and corporate donors with pliable legislators, made the Florida law “model legislation.” Then ALEC-aligned political insiders such as Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder, a national ALEC task-force member, and Governor Scott Walker, an ALEC alumnus, introduced, passed and signed “Castle Doctrine” legislation—despite warnings from Wisconsin law enforcement leaders and responsible gun owners that it was a poor fit for the state.

How poor a fit became evident last week, when (more…)

27 Mar

“Post-Racial” America Strikes Again

In the previous video three white kids were hired by ABC to destroy a car in broad daylight. The experiment was to see what type of reaction it would cause by strangers walking by. When it was 3 white kids no one did anything for the exception of a couple of people, but the called the cops on 2 black people sleeping in a nearby car while the white kids were destroying a car.

This video shows when it is 3 black kids destroying a car then the results are different.
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26 Mar

Better Safe Than Sorry: New Orleans Investigates Officer Over Martin Case Comments

A member of the New Orleans Police Dept. has been suspended without pay after incendiary comments attributed to him about the killing of Trayvon Martin were found posted online. Jason Giroir, the officer, is under investigation after comments were posted on a story about a local rally for Martin published on the WWL-TV website.

“Act like a Thug Die like one!” one comment reads.

Later, Giroir—who identified himself as “Works at NOPD”—responded to another commenter who claimed the initial comment was racially insensitive: “Eddie come on down to our town with a ‘Hoodie’ and you can join Martin in HELL and talk about your racist stories!:-P” (more…)

26 Mar

Superfreak: Dominique Strauss-Kahn charged in French prostitution case

Former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn faced preliminary charges Monday of “aggravated pimping” and procurement in an illegal prostitution ring in France. The preliminary charges came as DSK was summoned for eight hours of questioning Monday by French judges investigating an illegal prostitution ring operating out of the northern French city of Lille, Bloomberg News reported. The former IMF chief was later allowed to leave after paying 100,000 Euros in bail, and agreeing not to talk to others being investigated in the case, the Associated Press reported.

French prosecutors in Lille have been investigating an illegal prostitution ring that is alleged to have brought prostitutes from Belgium to luxury hotels in France and abroad to have sex with VIP clients, (more…)

23 Mar

The GOP War on Women

Judging from comments made recently by prominent Republicans, the GOP has got a serious problem with women. Until they get over their issues, women have got a serious problem with the GOP.
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