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09 Dec

outrage after teacher told students to ‘draw Obama drowning & White House underwater

‘My (project) was the president being saved instead of drowning him… so I drowned his wife and the dog,’ said junior Carnal Washington. ‘I felt bad. It didn’t feel right drowning the president.

According to Washington, the student with the highest praise did more than just put the president underwater.
‘The highest grade in the class was a girl who had Obama swimming toward a bucket of chicken instead of his family. I thought that was sad, but when (the teacher) saw it, he started laughing,’ Washington told CBS Los Angeles.

09 Dec

The Punch heard all around Las Vegas

Manny Pacquiao Gets Knocked Out Cold By Juan Marquez!
Guess talk of that superfight between floyd and Pacman is over

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09 Dec

Chicago: False Confession Capital

Where is the Department of Justice? Central Park 5 cases all over America. Despicable district attorneys all over america.Tunnel vision law enforcement.

09 Dec

What a lie: Hot97 explains policy on records playing on air

Should Radio Support Local Artists? Hot 97 Explains Why NY Underground Artists Aren’t Played

09 Dec

Walmart Drama:Cop shot into car with 2 young kids kills mom of meat & 2 shirts

09 Dec

Dirty LAPD: Mistake my a$$

LAPD apologizes for failing to warn family of Notorious B.I.G. of planned autopsy release
Rapper’s autopsy was released prematurely ‘due to an administrative error,’ LAPD said in statement today
Biggie was gunned down 15 years ago in a drive-by shooting

Police detectives apologized to the family of Notorious B.I.G. for failing to warn them about the planned release of his autopsy report more than 15 years after he died in a drive-by shooting, the Los Angeles Police Department said Saturday.
The detectives had intended to notify the rapper’s family, but the report was released prematurely ‘due to an administrative error,’ the department said in a statement.
‘Our detectives personally spoke with the Wallace family (Friday) night, and apologized for not notifying them prior to the release’ said Capt. Billy Hayes, who heads LAPD’s Robbery-Homicide Division, which is investigating the killing.

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