31 Jan

Playahater of the Month -January


Ooh Papi selects Willie Jelks as the bad guy of January. Jelks is the vice president of the Gary chapter of the NAACP. National Civil rights activists like Najee Ali, Minister Bamani Obaele, and Rev Al Sharpton are calling for NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon to force the immediate resignation or firing of Gary Ind. Chapter NAACP Vice President Deacon Jelks. Ali reports that Jelks made comments in a live radio interview that Vincent Smith jr deserved to be shot. Smith was a 15 year old H.S.student who was unarmed and shot in the back of his head and killed by Gary police officer Levi Randolph last week.

NAACP Vice -President Jelks in a radio interview (on WLTH 1370 AM) concerning the shooting of 15 year old Vincent Smith Jr. who was unarmed and shot in the back of the head by Gary police. Mr Jelks stated on air “That Smith got what he deserved.” . We are outraged by those comments and feel they were insensitive and a slap in the face to a grieving family and community. Mr. Jelks has brought shame and embarrassment upon himself and the name of the NAACP. He is obviously unfit and too incompetent to serve.”Stated Najee Ali.
” NAACP officials should never attack a family or community while there grieving. The Smith shooting is currently under investigation and those comments by an NAACP Vice President are totally inappropriate. Rev Al Sharpton. This latest faux paus pales in comparison to the Philadelphiacontroversy.The NAACP is also reviewing the incident and would not make a public statement until the local board has all the information requested.

GARY, Ind. Lake County, Ind. police will now investigate a deadly shooting involving a Gary police officer.
Our news partner, the Post-Tribune, reports the officer shot and killed a 16-year-old boy Sunday.
Vincent Smith Jr. was apparently unarmed. He died instantly after being shot in the head in an alley behind Wabash Avenue. His father calls it cold-blooded murder.Gary’s chief of police says the officer was in fear of his life when he opened fire. Randolph, whose police powers have been suspended, is working inside the station performing clerical duties while the investigation continues, Deputy Chief Jeff Kumorek said Monday.

In the meantime this photo is in dedication to a young lost life and not Jelks.

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