19 Sep

Outrageous-CNN Disses 103 year old Black woman- APOLOGY Not accepted

Another diss they want to apologize for ….how does this even happen in the first place? why does CNN even have a “100 percent n word song” as part of its soundtrack? apology not accepted

2 Responses to “Outrageous-CNN Disses 103 year old Black woman- APOLOGY Not accepted”

  1. 1
    mrjeremiahross Says:

    As I understand, the original song used was Coolio’s “Fantastic Voyage”.

    So I might accept that they didn’t realize that the “N Word” was used.

    That is not what really bothers me about this.

    A 103 year old black woman does not generally do “shout outs” and bump Fantastic Voyage. She was in her 60s when the original came out. I suppose that if you are darker than a caramel then the only way to refer to you is via “urban language”.

    I would expect that they would treat this woman, who lived through some very harsh times in American History including the Civil Rights movements, to receive more deference.

    Hell, take out race. If they would have played Monty Python music it would have been mean but understandable (and conceivably something they would have done for someone else)… I mean, 103 year olds do not generally drive and there are some jokes that don’t have to get racial. This, however, is not acceptable regardless of the explanation.

  2. 2
    FYI Says:

    I agree, I just cant accept the apology from CNN unless they are paying also.I mean these “understandings” only happen with African Americans it seems.

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