14 Jun

Interracial couples feels wrath of Private school due to sex before marriage

Jarretta Hamilton, Teacher Fired For Having Premarital Sex, Sues Southland Christian School (VIDEO)

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2 Responses to “Interracial couples feels wrath of Private school due to sex before marriage”

  1. 1
    mrjeremiahross Says:

    What does inter-racial have to do with it. They hired her didn’t they?

    Teacher goes to work for Christian School (These schools almost always have money problems) where they are pushing abstinence down kids throats.

    Then she tells the truth (big mistake) knowing damn well they didn’t want to pay.

    The fact is that if you are working as a teacher for a Christian school you are supposed to keep up appearances and in this instance she could have kept it private; especially considering that it was only 3 weeks prior. If you don’t think it’s fair then don’t work for a Christian school. I don’t really have sympathy for her.

  2. 2
    earbiter Says:

    we can only speculate what if anything the “inter-racial” nature of the couple has to do with it, considering this is a small town in Florida, but whatever the case them hiring her doesn’t offer much insight into as she wasn’ married when they hired her. Further she didn’t volunteer this information, she was asked which was likely a violation of federal protections for someone in her position. The same way you are not supposed to be asked your age in job interview or your sexual orientation.

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