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Thank Me Later – Drake

Thank Me Later - Drake

Should We Really Be Thanking This Guy?

In all fairness to Drake, it’s near impossible to live up to all the hype and hope surrounding his debut LP, Thank Me Later. It’s a bit of an arrogant album title in a Kanye West-ish kind of way, as if the music game was in such need of his contribution that he must be thanked, but in light of all the terrible music and attempts at music regularly churned out by the industry perhaps a Canadian born rapper has a right to be confident. It’s also a bit fitting because Drake’s debut LP reminds me of something Kanye West might put out if he were less talented and under the influence of Lil’ Wayne. I am just thankful that Wayne’s influence didn’t lead to Drake making a bunch of a ridiculous claims that he is a member of the Bloods as Wayne does on “Miss Me” and his recent feature on Eminem’s latest album.

Thank Me Later is a hybrid rap and R&B album, as Drake seemingly spends equal time rapping and doing some Auto-tune influenced crooning if it can be called crooning. It’s also fitting because Drake is only made possible by the the efforts of people like Andre 3000 to create a niche that was blown wide open by artist like Kanye West. He isn’t quite an original, as everything from his delivery down to his accent, seems heavily influenced by Lil’Wayne, not to mention that neither his personal story nor this album are all that interesting, but I do appreciate that above all Drake is for the most part being himself. The fact that an artist like Drake, who doesn’t claim to be a thug, ex-drug dealer, pimp, or some other Black-faced caricature of a human being, could even come out and receive this type of attention is encouraging.

Drake is clearly in awe of his meteoric rise to fame, as the album’s opening cut, “Fireworks” which wastefully features Alicia Keys, indicates but there are few fireworks on the LP. Thank Me Later doesn’t get really get my attention until the smash “Over” grabs me with its’ hook and horns, although as much as Drake talks about money and stardom it’s ironic to hear him jacking a flow from Stic Man of Dead Prez for one of his verses. Part of the LPs low-key, mellow sound is intentional as the album is arguably very cohesive or extremely repetitive. Truthfully I believe both descriptions are accurate though I’m may be leaning more to the latter description. Cohesion and having a vision are one thing but there are simply too many songs on this LP that are virtually indistinguishable. There are also a number of songs and grooves that drag on way too long, especially considering they aren’t really tight grooves, for example, “Shut It Down” and “Miss Me” which drag on like zombies refusing to die. Meanwhile, “Unforgettable” is very much forgettable. On the other hand, other cuts are clearly destined for club fame such as “Up All Night” featuring Lil’ Kim clone, Nicki Minaj and “Fancy” which makes good use of a nice verse from T.I. and lively production by Swiss Beatz. And despite his limitations as a singer, “Find Your Love” is clearly and standout cut destined for commercial success. I don’t know if Hip-hop needs to be thanking this guy but he is putting in a respectable contribution and keeping an important door open, for another kind of rapper – the kind you can bring home to mama’ – and for that much at least I am thankful.

Drake – Thank Me Later
Release Date: June 15th, 2010
Lyrics: B // Content: B // Production: B- //
Creativity: B- // Quality %: B // Bonus: N/A
Overall: B
Review by Eyecalone

4 Responses to “Thank Me Later – Drake”

  1. 1
    FYI Says:

    I agree with Eyecalone but I liked it a lil more than he gives it credit for but nonetheless I feel the review

  2. 2
    Marc G Says:

    Hold up, hold up. Drake gets a B for a forgettable album just because you like the fact that he’s not talking about being a thug??

    This is a low for PH reviews.

  3. 3
    earbiter Says:

    c’mon man this is Playahata.com not hater.com. He didn’t say the album was forgettable. It’s not as great as all the hype but there is some quality material on there. Folks are going a bit far with all the hate.

  4. 4
    FYI Says:

    I thought the album was good also

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