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Are You a Playahata?

Well before you answer that, let us first define the term Playahata for you.

(1)Playahata (n) – One who offers truthful constructive criticism that is in opposition to popular opinion or the status quo.
(2)Playerhater (n) – One who detracts from the legitimate success of others, or disrespects others and their ideas due to ignorance, envy, jealousy or too much free time.

So, Hater = Bad, Hata = Good, Hating = Negative, Hatin’ = Positive

Here @Playahata.com we do a few unconventional things. We always tell it like it is.

We sometimes speak in slang and “Ebonics” (Black Phonics). We sometimes replace curse words with symbols or other phonetic spellings (I said sometimes). We also offer a standard English dictionary and a playahata.com dictionary for increased comprehension.

Since we believe very much in the short attention span of most people we try to include as many pictures as possible with our work. The commentary here is written in various formats so people from any educational background and every station in life can appreciate it. All we ask that you to bring to the table is an open and working mind.

Some of the Hatas on this site will enjoy it when you bless them with some of your own hatin’ and others don’t give a damn what you think, but one thing is for sure you will always be heard, even when you say something dumb.

So you see, you may be a Playahata and not even know it. Come inside and find out, but before you proceed any further you must read the following important quote:

“The world of contemporary news is a world that exists for the VIPs- the very important people. Their everyday lives are what is important; if they get married, if they divorce, if they eat, what clothes they wear or what clothes they take off- these major movie stars & big politicians. But common people only appear for a moment- when they kill someone or when they die. For the communications giants, the others, the excluded, only exist when they are dead, when they are in jail or in court. This Cannot go on!” –Subcommandante Marcos

Playahatas Profiles

ChalieName: Charlie

Hometowns: Bridgeport, Connecticut

PhD (specialty): Finding good Hata’s and giving them an HTML pen.

Biggest Dislikes: People with short attention spans and little patience.

Quote: “It is better to open your eyes and say you don’t understand, than to close your eyes and say you don’t believe”

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Name: Bitter Bitch

Hometowns: Atlanta, Georgia and Palo Alto, California.

PhD (specialty): Pessimism & Cynicism

Biggest Dislikes: Bourgeoisie Negroes

Quote: “I don’t have issues, YOU have issues”

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Bruce BanterName: Bruce Banter

Hometowns: Anywhere I can find some Brotherly love (No Homo)

PhD (specialty): Pop Culture, Sports, and Information Technology

Biggest Dislikes: ‘Gangsta’ Rappers, Dumb Atheletes, Chicken Headz, and COINTELPRO.

Quote: “Don’t make me Angry, You wouldn’t like me when I’m Angry!”

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EyecaloneName: Eyecalone

Hometowns: All City, NY

PhD (specialty): Po’ People Issues, World Events, and Media Lies

Biggest Dislikes: Ignorance, Apathy, Greed, “Fence-Riding”, and The LA Lakers

Quote: “When you believe in things that you don’t understand then you SUFFER” – Stevie Wonder

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Name: Gumby Dammitt

Hometowns: Gumbopolis, New Jersey

PhD (specialty): Sautéed Idiot with Common Sense Sauce & Roast Dumb Ass with Smell the Coffee on the side.

Biggest Dislikes: Potpourri, SONY Playstations (1 and 2).

Quote: “Shut up and get me a cigarette and a Girly Magazine”.

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Ooh PapiName: Ooh Papi

Hometowns: Washington, D.C.

Phd (specialty): Rantin’ about anything in the “news” and Hatin’ on people who dismiss all Conspiracy Theories

Biggest Dislikes: Expensive Stuff , Mainstream News and Radio

Quote: “Well how much can I get for a dollar?”

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Name: Jupiter “Gadfly ” Hammon

Hometowns: Raleigh-Durham, Boston and Washington, D.C.

PhD (specialty): Jack Of All Trades, Master of None

Biggest Dislikes: Rednecks (especially those that have a Confederate flag in their front yard and on their vehicle’ s custom license plate), Supa-Fish-Al Negroes (includes the bougie), Abusive Political Correctness, Bible Thumping Holy Rollers, Arm-chair Revolutionaries, Hypocrites who don ’t know they ’re hypocrites, and Quasi-conscious mo o ’s who think Pro-Black correlates to the darkness of a black person’s skin color – It ’s a state of mind homie!

Quote: “I there’ s no enemy inside, the enemy outside can’ t do anything.”–African Proverb

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”– Albert Einstein

“No matter what Europeans say they believe religiously, politically or culturally, their main objective in the world is control. Everything that has ever been developed in the European mind was meant to facilitate mind control of the world. There are no exceptions, Left or Right politically.”- John Henrik Clarke

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Angry PizzleName: Angry Pizzle – The Hataboard Moderator

Hometowns: Houston, Texas

Phd (specialty): Creating satire cartoons, politics, old school R&B , and the wonderful world of Sampling (and re-sampling) in Hip Hop

Biggest Dislikes: Rush hour traffic, black on black crime (especially over dumb sh*t), ghettonomic activity, Bill O’Reilly and O’Reillyish people (ex. Limbaugh, Bush and other neo-conservatives)

Quote: “I loooove black people, but I hate niggaz” – Chris Rock

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Ro PorterName: Ro Porter – The Roving Reporter

Hometowns: N.Virginia. (First rolling 1619) reppin’ (202,301,703)

Phd(specialty): Edification Quotes, HOLLA newsletter, ‘catching program codes’ on the scene, Trafficking Information, verbal/vocal stone throwin’, hacking ‘mental control’ programs, information porter. But you will recognize me for posting the daily news which includes the stuff that you have to know or the Hood news which includes the things that you should know.

Biggest Dislikes: Lu Cypher, people that see “Emotions and Truth” as One’ (fu*k your feelings!), Conscious Ignorance (i.e. Fakerz), Sleepwalkerz, people that debate about the ‘best rapper of all time’ and then don’t even know the difference between Hiphop and Rap – getdafukottahere!

Quote: “If you man enough to do something wrong, be man enough to take the punishment (Now lay down and get ready for this beatin’ you about to get!!!)” – Momma Porter. “When something goes wrong…don’t panic! Suckaz can’t take the truth…” – Old head from Sevenwoodz

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SheistyName: Shiesty – The Hood Movie AficionadoHometowns: DC by way of North CackPhd (specialty): Media Scrutiny especially the portrayal of black folks in TV and Movies.Biggest Dislikes: The Housing Boom, Bill O’Reilly, tofu, Sean Hannity, Joseph C Phillips, Rap Music Made Below The Mason-Dixon Line, Blatant Commercialism, Gentrifiers.

Quote: “You Hurt Run. You Hurt Run Bad. Now Everything’s #$%&* Up.” – DMC, butchering his lines in Run DMC’s ‘Tougher Than Leather’

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