23 Aug

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Bitter BPlease Don’t Tell Martin // Home Is Where the Heart Is // The Pot Calling the Kettle a Nigga // Infidelity – The Ins and Outs // My Love Letter to Hip-Hop // Hoes, Designer Clothes, & Bougie Negroes // Not Yo Baby Mama!


Bruce BanterRun Forest! Run!: Why Forest Whitaker Will Win An Oscar // A Love Matrix: The Hip-hop Generation Chooses the Blue Pill // Southern Tsunami // Sex, Shock, Surreal // Hip Hop Mathematics // She Got Served: The Impending Destruction of Lil’ Kim // No More Drama – The Al Sharpton Saga 


EyecaloneDrowning, Electrocution, Hanging, and Castration …… and 7 Other Ways to Punish A Surly Negro Athlete //Cindy Sheehan’s Rude Awakening // Am I My Sister’s Keeper? // Hip-Hop Smackdown: It’s All a Game // Iran’s Weapon of Mass Destruction: The End of “Good Things” // A Coke and a Smile // Game Over 


Gumby DammittDon Imus, Duke Lacrosse, and the Imaginary Double Standard // Yo Momma! // Piss and Vinegar // Pretentious Nightlife // Belvedere, Cristal, and Lil’ Ray-ray // A Hole in the Skyline // I Don’t Buy It // About a Beating

Ooh PapiMan Bites Dog: Pitbull and the Rhetoric of Ignorance // Sgt Sicko: Hip-hop Voices From The Backline // The Usual Suspects // Stop Snitchin’: What Busta Rhymes Needs to Do // Preaching From The Choir // Sara Baartman: Nelly’s Apple Bottom of the Century //Jay-Z, Che Guevara, and the Modern Day Sell-out 


Jupiter 'Gadfly' HammonClaude Allen: Another Black Republican Scandal // Trouble In The Big Easy // A Millions More Movement? // Salute to the B.E. 100 // Black Bike Fest //Election Redux // Metrosexual America


MorpheusThug Life, Right-Wing News and the Iraq War: How Big Media Manufactures Consent //A Martyr and the Devil Did Don Imus really die for our black sins? // Who Hears Cries for the Congo? // Pro-Black Thugs, Pimpin’ Revolutionaries & Alien Conspiracies // Black Frats and Sorors // Thugged Out, Locked Down, & Iced Up // “I Used to Love Her” – Iraq & The U.S. Part I 


Goddess OyaThe BET Awards is a Huge Success . . . and Failure // Dumb Bitch Syndrome: Getting A Piece of Love in Hip-Hop and R&B // 21 Answers for Thug Lovin’ // Lil’ Kim and the Jump Off // Excuse Me Miss // Don’t Stop the King of Pop: Michael Jackson and White Racism // Images 


Contributions From Guest Hatas

Dat ChickNiggas and the Nigga Factory // Never Scared: The Slow Death of Chris Rock // I Got 99 Problems But A Dick Ain’t One

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