18 Mar

Evil-Doers – Koch, Money, & Influence in America

A hard-hitting and revealing investigation of the1% in America at its very worst. Koch Brothers Exposed is the latest film from Acclaimed Director Robert Greenwald (Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, Outfoxed, Rethink Afghanistan). From environmental pollution to their efforts to dismantle social security for working Americans, the Koch Brothers have launched a large network, attacking our American values.
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26 Jan

Valueless: Koch Brothers Trying to Buy Higher Education

Charles and David Koch are infringing on intellectual freedom and independence in colleges and universities by controlling entire fields of study and the faculty hiring process. Defend academia and share this video. TAKE ACTION: http://KochBrothersExposed.com/KochCollege YouTube Preview Image

22 Jan

Immigrants For SALE!: Detention Center Nearly Bankrupts Town

With the promise of increased “product” (aka detained immigrants) and alleged prosperity for a town that was struggling with an economic crisis Littlefield embarked in the so-called “lucrative” business of detention centers. Instead, what Littlefield got was a mega-complex private facility, an additional $10 million contractual debt, and a fleeing population. At an average rate of $200 per night/per inmate, private prison operators profit over $5 billion a year. How do they do it? Like con-artists, they lure town councils and local government officials with promises of easy money and increased revenue. However, what they don’t tell them is at what cost!
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15 Dec

Dogs and Water Hoses: Republicans Ramp Up Voter Suppression Efforts

In collaboration with Brave New Foundation, the NAACP has put together a new video about the impact of the voting right attacks on communities of color. Please take a moment to watch and spread the message to everyone you know, then text STAND to 62227 to join our fight for voting rights.
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20 Nov

Early 2012 Election: Caste Your Vote for the Worst of the 1%

Which of the richest 1% are using their wealth and power to keep down the other 99%? Vote now. We’ll make videos exposing the ones that you choose. www.whoarethe1percent.comYouTube Preview Image

11 Nov

Behind the Scenes: Are the Koch brothers Denying Your Vote?

For the past 8 months we have been investigating the billionaire Koch brothers and presenting the results of their political influence to you. With this latest installment, we have discovered what we think is their worst offense yet. Through their web of financial influence, Charles and David Koch are buying access to democracy’s lifeblood: free and fair elections. They are literally trying to take away your right to vote! Demand Attorney General Eric Holder enforce the landmark Voting Rights Act and stop discriminatory voter suppression laws.
FIGHT BACK and sign the petition:
Koch Brothers Exposed: http://KochBrothersExposed.com/voterid
Advancement Project: http://signon.org/sign/tell-doj-to-block-discrimina
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11 Oct

Mean and Despicable People: Koch Industries and Cancer Risk

Is a Koch Industries factory getting away with murder? While the brothers wage war against safety precautions, every day their factory is dumping millions of gallons of wastewater into streams that flow near a small rural town in Arkansas.
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15 Aug

Plain Evil: Koch Brothers Trying to Destroy Public Education; Re-segregate Schools

This film and investigation connects the dots and reveals why the Koch brothers are trying to end public education and how their wealth winds up in the hands of Jim Crow. Watch the video, then call David Koch and tell him to stop funding school re-segregationYouTube Preview Image now. His number is 212-319-1100.

22 Jun

Social Insecurity: Exposing the Koch Brothers

EXPOSE THE KOCHS: The Koch brothers fund multiple think tanks and academic centers to promote their ideology and grow their profits, a Brave New Foundation investigation reveals. Let’s create an echo chamber of truth by using YouTube’s SHARE tools above to protect Social Security and counter the Koch billions. http://KochBrothersExposed.com/socialsecurity
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23 May

Tell Secretary Clinton to Say No to the Kochs

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has the ability to stop Koch Industries, Inc. from profiting off a pipeline that would carry the dirtiest oil on Earth through six states, one of America’s most important aquifers and almost 2,000 miles of American homes and farmland. Help us reach our goal of 50,000 individuals telling Secretary Clinton to say No to the Kochs and Yes to protecting Americans at http://kochbrothersexposed.com/tellclintonno
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05 Aug

Wild Wild Artic:Dangerous Drilling BP is at it AGAIN

Despite the catastrophe in the Gulf, BP is moving forward with a controversial project to drill in the Arctic. In order to get around the Obama Administration’s moratorium on off-shore drilling, BP has built “Liberty Island” three miles off the Alaskan Coast and plans to drill two miles under the sea and then six to eight miles horizontally to tap an underwater reserve.

An oil spill in the Arctic would be far worse than what continues to unfold in the Gulf. There is no proven technology for cleaning up oil in icy water and the nearest emergency and relief supports are thousands of miles away.
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Ignoring the lessons of this most recent disaster, Federal regulators even allowed BP to write its own environmental review for the project. We cannot allow for history to repeat itself.

Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, has the ability to STOP this catastrophe before it happens and YOU have the ability to influence Secretary Salazar

27 Jul

WikiLeaks, Now We Must Act

Sign the petition: http://bit.ly/9uuuiB

This weekend, Wikileaks released “The War Logs,” a huge archive of documents that prove the Afghanistan War is a brutal, costly disaster. In this crushing economic climate, Americans are fed up with a trillion-dollar war that’s not making us safer. But, that hasn’t stopped the Democratic or Republican Parties from supporting pro-war candidates or from voting for billions in new war spending.

Sign the petition and let the politicians know that we will hold them responsible for bringing this war to a close: http://bit.ly/9uuuiB
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21 Jun

Drill Baby Drill!: Famous Last Words on Drilling

I wish all those people who were shouting “Drill baby drill!” had to wear wetsuits and “clean baby clean!” – eyecalone
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