19 Jun

Cruel System: Man Robs Bank to Get Health Care; Employer Fires Worker Over Spouse Illness

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Cancer is an awful thing for any family to deal with. It’s even more of a problem when it gets you fired.

When Carl Sorabella, of Massachusetts, told his employer that he would need to take some medical leave in order to deal with his wife’s cancer, he thought it was a reasonable request. But according to ABC News, when he walked into work on Monday, he found a note on his desk saying that he had been fired. (more…)

06 Jun

Homeowners Foreclose On Bank Of America

Homeowners Foreclose On Bank Of America

Sweet justice.
That’s how foreclosure defense attorney Todd Allen described the feeling of going to a Bank of America branch in Naples, Fla. to seize their assets. (more…)

18 May

CRIMINAL:Black Families getting evicted over unpaid city water bill of $362

Valentine scrambled to pack up clothing and mementos. The home had been her family’s for nearly three decades, and her father had paid off the mortgage in 1984. “It’s hard to say goodbye to this house,” she said. “It’s like someone forcing you out of something that belongs to you. I don’t get it.”Valentine lost the two-story brick row home after the city sold her debt to investors through a contentious and byzantine legal process called a “tax sale.” This little-known type of foreclosure can enrich investors as growing numbers of property owners struggle to pay their bills.These foreclosed homeowners are not the families making headlines for taking on mortgages they could ill afford. Families ensnared in the tax sale sometimes are unable to overcome relatively small debts owed to local tax collectors.

Read more of this B.S. (more…)

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