10 Jan

Black Tales: George Lucas- Hollywood Didn’t Want To Fund Red Tails Because Of Its Black Cast

In an interview with the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart on Monday night, Lucas was frank about the trouble he had getting the film made—in part, he said, because the studios weren’t willing to finance a film without a white protagonist as an anchor.

“This has been held up for release since 1942 since it was shot, I’ve been trying to get released ever since,” Lucas joked—although he did say that the film took about 23 years to develop. “It’s because it’s an all-black movie. There’s no major white roles in it at all…I showed it to all of them and they said nooooo. We don’t know how to market a move like this.” Lucas goes on to explain that major studios don’t believe films with majority black casts do well in foreign markets. Lucas was unbowed, telling Stewart that “we do want to do a prequel and a sequel,” which I take as a measure of how excited and proud about Red Tails Lucas actually is. Bonus exuberance: “This is the closest you’ll ever get to Episode Seven.”

14 Nov

Sucker MC: Jay-Z Tries to Profit off Occupy Movement

Sucker MC: Jay-Z will try to turn a buck on anythingHip-hop artist and clothing designer Jay-Z is being scrutinized for allegedly profiting off of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Last week, friend and fellow business mogul, Russell Simmons tweeted a backstage photograph of himself standing next to Jay-Z, who was wearing a T-shirt that read, “Occupy All Streets.” Simmons’s tweet and the tee, from the Jay-Z owned company Rocawear, quickly became an online sensation as people scoured the Net trying to get their hands on the shirt. However, (more…)

11 Nov

Hypocrisy: Occupy U.C. Berkeley Attacked by Police

When U.C. Berkeley student protesters refuse to leave the campus, the university resorts to having them forcibly removed by baton-wielding police.

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26 Aug

Wallbuilding: Rick Perry, the Anti-Martin Luther King

Rick Perry, leading Republican Presidential Candidate, and people thought Bush was bad.

Perry retreat co-host: MLK deserved no credit on civil rights
By Joy-Ann Reid
Source: www.thegrio.com

While hundreds of thousands of Americans converge on the National Mall to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this weekend as the president dedicates a memorial to the slain civil rights leader, Rick Perry, the newly minted Republican Party presidential front-runner, will be attending a retreat with a man who believes King deserves no such honor.

The “call to action” retreat, reported by Politico’s Jonathan Martin earlier this month, will be hosted by a prominent San Antonio doctor, Jim Leininger, and his wife Cecilia. Among the co-hosts of the Fredericksburg, Texas event, which is being called a “get together to discuss the 2012 election,” rather than a fundraiser, will be David Barton, the founder of the evangelical Christian group WallBuilders. (more…)

03 Jun

Zoe Kravitz Dropping X-Men Knowlege: Compares Magnito & Professor X To Malcolm X & Martin Luther King During Civil Rights Era

Zoe Kravitz was reading playahata.com and learned about Xmen relationship to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King

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