22 Dec

Sweet and Sour: Common Admits Album Track Calls Out Drake

YouTube Preview ImageCommon has admitted that his track ‘Sweet’ is, in fact, directed at Drake, after originally denying that he had any specific musician in mind in an interview with 107.5 WGCI’s Tony Sco. The rapper, who was interviewed by Sway on Shade 45, now acknowledges that Drake was the target of the song because he fits into the category of rappers that Common’s lyrics refer to.

Common compared his lyrics to Jay-Z’s ‘D.O.A.’ which targeted artists who used auto-tune and came across as an attack on T-Pain and explained that while he had other artists in mind, Drake fits within the category of musicians that ‘Sweet’ refers to. “He’s a very successful artist, obviously. Like I said, I think he’s a talented artist. I give credit where it’s due and I try to speak the truth where I see it. In Hip Hop, there was a lot of that going on. Beyond Drake, it’s still some artists I was hearing, some artists I didn’t even know I was hearing. But Drake fits in that category. Any artist could be a target, once you get in and start saying you this and that. When you think about it, KRS-One if you take it there, or when Nas and Jay had a battle, it was about being a doper emcee,” explained Common. (more…)

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