05 Jun

Unreal!: North Carolina G.O.P. Tries to Pass Law Against Reality

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22 Jan

Much Needed: Kucinich Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Publicly Finance Elections

On the eve of the second anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling known as Citizens United, which opened the floodgate of unlimited, shadowy corporate spending in public elections, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has introduced H. J. Res. 100, a constitutional amendment to rescue American democracy from corporate money’s corrupting influence. “Because of the decision by the Supreme Court majority in the Citizens United case, more money was spent on campaigns in the 2010 election than has ever been spent in a mid-term election. “Because of the Citizens United case, more money will be spent in the 2012 elections than has ever been spent in an election in the history of our country. “Because of the Citizens United case, American democracy has been put up on the auction block,” said Kucinich.

Citizens need to unite behind this Amendment


19 Dec

Ron Paul: American Constitution is basically over

18 Aug

Mosque-Erade: Exposing More Idiocy and Hypocrisy Over Islamic Center in Manhattan

John Oliver says Muslims are allowed to put a mosque near Ground Zero, just like Catholics can build a church next to a playground.

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09 Dec

10 Rules: Must Have Video Especially If You Are A Young Person of Color

Available Jan. 25, 2010, the 40-minute educational drama is the most sophisticated and entertaining film of its kind. Narrated by the legendary trial lawyer William “Billy” Murphy, Jr. (from HBOs The Wire), 10 Rules depicts innocent people dealing with heavy-handed policing tactics used every day in the United States.
Topics Include…

* Dealing with a traffic stop * Dealing with police on the street * Dealing with police at your door
* How to maintain your cool and protect your rights* How to avoid common police tricks
* How to file a complaint that gets results

Get more info at 10RulesMovie.com
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