26 Oct

GOP = Bat$hit Crazy: Richard Mourdock’s Rape Remark Upsets Voters and Possibly God

Richard Mourdock’s rape remark upsets voters and possibly God, so Stephen enlightens his fellow conservatives on rape’s approval rating.

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Richard Mourdock’s Rape Comment
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27 Mar

“Post-Racial” America Strikes Again

In the previous video three white kids were hired by ABC to destroy a car in broad daylight. The experiment was to see what type of reaction it would cause by strangers walking by. When it was 3 white kids no one did anything for the exception of a couple of people, but the called the cops on 2 black people sleeping in a nearby car while the white kids were destroying a car.

This video shows when it is 3 black kids destroying a car then the results are different.
YouTube Preview Image

02 Dec

Gov’t By Corporations, For Corporations: Online Piracy Act Threatens to Destroy Internet

11 Nov

Penn Stuck: Idiot Penn State Students Riot Over Paterno Firing

Poster’s Note: The firing of football coach Joe Paterno following news of assistant coach Jerry Sandusky’s alleged sexual abuse outrages Penn State students. Imagine if some students at an HBCU tried this foolishness. What the hell are they teaching these fools at Penn State?

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Penn State Riots
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17 Aug

CBS Chicago In Trouble After Distorting 4-Yr Old African American Boy’s Interview

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