09 Dec

Chicago: False Confession Capital

Where is the Department of Justice? Central Park 5 cases all over America. Despicable district attorneys all over america.Tunnel vision law enforcement.

30 Nov

The 11%: U.S. Barbarism Continues as Texas Set to Execute Man Despite Untested Evidence

To date, 138 people have been exonerated from death row in the United States. That figure represents 11 percent of the 1,277 executions carried out since the reinstatement of the death penalty in the country in 1976.

Could it be that innocent people have been mistakenly killed?

“There are a lot of cases with a lot of doubts,” said Rob Owen, an attorney specializing in capital punishment. “It would be foolhardy to say we’ve never executed an innocent person given the amount of exonerations.”

In Texas, where 41 people have been exonerated, Owen is trying to prevent the execution of his client Hank Skinner, 49, on death row since 1995 for a triple homicide in Pampa, Texas. Critical DNA evidence that could potentially either exonerate him or confirm his guilt remains untested, and previous motions to access it for forensic testing have all been denied. (more…)

05 Jun

The ‘Innocent Prisoner’s Dilemma

Expected to show remorse, the wrongfully convicted in America’s prisons face a moral dilemma.
Catch 22: The Innocence Project has been great at getting people released but the african american and latino’s who are innocent and doing jail bids are so alarming that statistics can’t help you understand only seeing this can.

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