27 Nov

“You Ain’t Got the Answers!!”: Kanye Flips Out on Sway Over Question

Poster’s Note: Now this isn’t the whole interview but Kanye sounds like he is really coming apart. I hope there is another section of this interview that makes his rant make sense.
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21 Nov

New York demands documentary footage on Central Park Five case

Before there was ever a documentary film, MSM coverage with The View or NY Times coverage
we were there almsot a decade ago on this storyIt wasnt first time and wont be last

documentary film

(CNN) — New York City is demanding that documentary filmmaker Ken Burns hand over footage of the movie he made about five men who were wrongfully imprisoned and later exonerated for the rape of a woman in Central Park.

The demand is part of the city’s attempt to defend itself against multi-million dollar federal lawsuits filed by some of the “The Central Park Five,” as the exonerated men had come to be known.

Lawyers for New York City filed a subpoena demanding Burns and his production company, Florentine Films, give them the unpublished interviews and unreleased footage not used in the documentary, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

“The plaintiffs’ interviews go to the heart of the case and cannot be obtained elsewhere,” said Celeste Koeleveld, a city attorney.

But Burns, along with his daughter, Sarah Burns, and her husband David McMahon, who co-wrote and produced the film, say they plan to fight.

“I’m sorry to say we saw this coming,” said Burns. “New York State shield laws are very specific. We are journalists, and that’s what this is.” (more…)

13 Aug

A glimpse: Oprah Talks to 50 Cent

18 Jul

No Regrets: Zimmerman Calls Martin Shooting God’s Plan in First Interview

In his first major televised interview Wednesday evening, Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman told Fox News channel’s Sean Hannity that he does not regret the events of that fateful night, calling it “all God’s plan.” Zimmerman used the interview as an opportunity to provide his version of what happened in the critical moments leading up to Trayvon’s shooting. However, when asked by Hannity whether he held any lingering regrets about carrying a gun that night or getting out of his car, Zimmerman confidently replied, “no.” (more…)

30 Mar

Our Times: Davey D Asks the Questions, Dr. Joy DeGruy Drops the Science

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24 Jul

Lil Mama

“The Breakfast gives Rapper and America’s Best Dance Crew Host an Intervention. Questions her about her Nicki Minaj stealing her style comments and tell’s her the truth about her career. Lil Mama starts crying mid interview.” – Via Power105

08 Nov

Aaron McGruder Interview Exclusive with Playahata.com


THE BOONDOCKS, had been recognized as the hip-hop cartoon strip for those that read newspapers since its national debut. Aaron McGruder first brought Huey and Riley Freeman to life in April 1999. “The Boondocks” comic strip was published in over 150 newspapers, making it the 2nd largest launch for a strip ever. On Nov 6th 2005 a new audience will be getting exposed to Huey and Riley as the strip gets, animated and poise themselves to bring their political satire into our homes. The television, show is based on Aaron McGruder’s award-winning comic strip of the same name. The highly anticipated series is being asked to provide the much needed “foot in the ass of The Man.”

Like the comic strip, THE BOONDOCKS is a provocative family-based comedy brimming with social relevance and satire but if you pay attention to the fact that it is on adult swim. You know it’s not for kids. Adult Swim is the name for the adult-oriented television-programming block on Cartoon Network, which premiered on September 2, 2001. It has since become its own channel, and shares its station number with Cartoon Network in a night/day switch off . Originally a Sunday only block (that also re-ran on Thursdays), Adult Swim now airs Saturday through Thursday nights at 11 PM (E/P) with an encore airing at 2 AM and then ending with an hour of old classics.(more….)

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