04 Feb

Editorial: N*ggas at the Grammys for Black History Month

kanye and jay z

Conservative talk show host , Sean O’Reilly hated Hip Hop with a passion. Yet, there he was, sitting in front of his flat screen watching the Grammys, anxiously , waiting for the rap song of the year to be announced . When the winner was finally revealed ,he jumped off his recliner like this favorite team had just won the Superbowl. No , he hadn’t become a converted Kanye West fan, he was just happy that he could announce to his millions of listeners the next morning that the best rap song was “N*ggas in Paris…”

26 Aug

WWE Set For Next Round: Lil’ Wayne Subliminally Goes After Jay-Z

Poster’s Note: More “beef” for the love of entertainment on the way? Perhaps, even though no names were stated. Sounds like Lil’ Wayne is possibly going after Jay-Z, for Jay-Z possibly dissing his “daddy”.Hip-hop, is just like the WWE. .
YouTube Preview Image

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