16 May

Is Machete film racist?

It has a star studded cast of white and Latino actors/actresses but the film Machete‘ has fallen into a racial controversy, and it’s still months away from its September release. 20th Century Fox. The Arizona immigration law has made things worse but a special “Cinco de Mayo” message created a storm of controversy and fueled attacks, including one from its sister subsidiary Fox News.
The film, originally based on a largely satirical mock-trailer inserted into Rodriguez & Taratino’s Grindhouse, has expanded into full production, and developed a message that many have criticized as glorifying a race war. (more…)

08 Feb

A different sort of self hate

jessica alba
MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery for Jessica Alba.

The actress said Saturday she’s been distressed by Internet reports about a Chinese woman who is having a plastic surgery makeover to look like Alba in hopes of getting her lover back.

“I think you should never have to change yourself like that,” Alba said. “If somebody loves you, they’ll love you no matter what.”

Alba, who is starring in the upcoming film “Valentine’s Day,” is in town for the Super Bowl; (more…)

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