28 Apr

Dolphins General Manager, Jeff Ireland needs his a$$ kicked

dez bryant and momDez Bryant, one of the most highly rated rated wide receivers in the 2010 NFL Draft, raised eyebrows last week when he told Yahoo! Sports’ Michael Silver that one team asked him a particularly bizarre question during an interview:

“They asked me if my mom’s a prostitute,” Bryant says, an account that was confirmed by Wells, who attended the meeting. “No, my mom is not a prostitute. I got mad – really mad – but I didn’t show it. I got a lot of questions like that: Does she still do drugs? I sat and answered all of them.”

Today, the identity of Bryant’s questioner has been revealed. Silver reports that Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland extended the tasteless inquiry. According to ESPN Dallas, Ireland apologized to Bryant for using “poor judgment.” (more…)

24 Apr

The NFL Draft is like the Army Draft!

unique and amazing parody

Gamechangers Ep 2: Fear the NFL Draft from Columbus Short

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