06 Mar

Idiot rapper alert:Gucci Mane

Atlanta police have issued an arrest warrant for a well-known rapper after a soldier said he was assaulted by him. The soldier told Channel 2′s Amy Napier Viteri he was just looking to get a picture with Gucci Mane when the rapper attacked him

31 Oct

Seeing Green?: Cee Lo Accused of Sexual Assault in Los Angeles

Say it ain't so, Cee Lo!

Cee Lo Green is maintaining his innocence after a Los Angeles woman filed a police report alleging that “The Voice” mentor and rapper assaulted her. TMZ reports that the unnamed woman filed a report that puts Green (real name: Thomas DeCarlo Callaway) at the center of a sexual battery investigation. Though details are scarce, TMZ says police have visited an L.A. restaurant said to be connected to the case, and have interviewed several employees and the manager.

Green, 38, told TMZ he has not been to the restaurant in three months. “Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else,” said the “F— You” singer, who mentors contestants on NBC’s hit show alongside Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. A source close to Green told TMZ: “I have never seen Cee Lo act in a physical way toward anybody.” No charges have been filed in the case, and it has not yet been referred to prosecutors.

04 May

Losing Battle: Beastie Boy Lead “MCA” Dead at 47

“Beastie Boys” rapper MCA — real name Adam Yauch — has died. In 2009, MCA announced he was being treated for a cancerous parotid gland and a lymph node. He has since undergone surgery and radiation therapy.

So far, it’s not clear if the death is related to the rapper’s battle with cancer. Russell Simmons’ website GlobalGrind.com first reported the death. We have spoken to people independently connected to the rapper who also say he is dead. Yauch co-founded Beastie Boys in 1979 with Mike D, Mix Master Mike, and Ad Roc. The group has won multiple Grammys.

Yauch is survived by his wife and daughter. He was 47.

03 Apr

Remember Me: Loon Now a Devout Muslim, Living a New Life

YouTube Preview Image

28 Dec

Moment of Clarity: Heavy D’s Cause of Death Revealed

Heavy D

Legendary rapper Heavy D died from a pulmonary embolism resulting from deep leg vein thrombosis, according to the Los Angeles County coroner. The coroner’s office spokesman, Craig Harvey, told The Associated Press Tuesday that weight and a transcontinental jet flight were contributing factors. The coroner’s office, which classified the death as “natural,” also said that Heavy D had heart disease, which may have contributed to his death.The rapper, born Dwight Arrington Myers, was found unconscious in his Beverly Hills home on Nov. 8. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Heavy D emerged on the scene in the late 1980s with his group Heavy D & the Boyz. His 1989 release “Big Tyme,” which featured the songs “Somebody for Me” and “We Got Our Own Thang,” was the year’s top-selling soul record.

In addition to his 11 albums, he penned the themes for the FOX comedies “In Living Color” and “MADtv.”

He was just 44 years old.

Source: By David Eckstein Zap2it

06 Oct

Who’s Snitchin’?: You Are, Dumb A$$

Ronald "Ra Diggs" Herron - Dumb AssRapper Ronald ‘Ra Diggs’ Herron who bragged about violence on Twitter, YouTube is drug kingpin: feds

By John Marzulli
Source: NY Daily News

A rapper who boasted on Twitter about beating a murder rap is a violent drug kingpin who flooded Brooklyn’s Gowanus Houses with crack and heroin, the feds said Wednesday. Ronald (Ra Diggs) Herron, charged with eight others in a federal indictment, provided prosecutors with a wealth of incriminating evidence in his YouTube videos and in his Twitter musings.

He tweeted that he has “5000 n—– with them lorcins (handguns) ready to turn the pigs kids into orphins,” federal court papers reveal. The videos depict the ex-con wearing body armor and brazenly firing guns at a target range. In them, he boasts he ordered a shooting from his hospital bed and “beat a body” – a reference to his 2002 murder after two witnesses refused to testify against him after they were threatened.

Herron warned agains people “snitching” and referenced a murder in the Gowanus Houses housing project, where the victim reportedly helped authorities, Assistant U.S. Attorneys Shreve Ariail and Carter Burwell said. Herron, 28, was arrested by NYPD detectives early Tuesday outside Club Amnesia in Chelsea. (more…)

04 Jun

Cmon Son:Chamillionaire foreclosure excuse

TMZ cameras recently caught up with him to ask about his mansion in Houston that was recently foreclosed on.
“Let me give you the short business answer. I bought a house in Houston and I decided to let that house go because the house ended up being worth nothing when the market went down,” he said. “I paid like close to $2 million for that house and I decided to let it go, give it back to the bank. It wasn’t a situation where they came and took it from me. I felt like I didn’t want to pay that much for a house that I’m never at.”

Chamillionaire said he’s making money touring so money is definitely not the issue. It was strictly a business decision.He is not Chsthousaindnaire.

26 May

Yall Busted: Medical Profession lies about ADHD and kids esp in Urban settings

Y’ALL BUSTED Lyrics below (more…)

22 Apr

T.I. & The Principal vs Some parents (President diss enclosed)

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Some Henry County parents called Channel 2 Action News concerned not only about a visitor to their children’s school, but also how the principal reacted when they questioned him about it.
t.i. and the principal who loves hip hop and hates bush
The entire incident involves Atlanta rapper T.I., Woodland Middle School and the principal’s e-mail exchanges with a parent.

After trying to reason with principal Dr. Terry Oatts for six weeks, Tom Myers, who has four daughters in the Henry County School System, contacted Channel 2 Action News reporter Justin Farmer to share the e-mail correspondence he had with Oatts.

Myers told Farmer that he and his wife, Candi, as well as other parents, simply want to know ahead of time who will be talking to their children during school assemblies. (more…)

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