24 Jan

You got the Flu?, well read this!

flu in a lab

Scientists Restart Work on Deadly Engineered Avian Flu by Jamie Condliffe

In January 2012 scientists around the world halted research on engineered avian flu viruses over concerns that the work was too dangerous. Now, those scientists are taking to labs once more to continue their work.

What was initially a 60-day halt to research turned into a year-long battle for the scientists, who have had to lobby hard to, in their own words, “describe the measures in place to minimize possible risks, and to enable organizations and governments around the world to review their policies (for example, on biosafety, biosecurity, oversight and communication) regarding these experiments”. Those words form part of a letter signed by 40 academics, published in Nature, which states their intention to bring the moratorium to a close.more

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