09 Sep

Don’t Believe Mitt: Romney’s Job Creation Talk is More Disproven Nonsense

Mitt Romney has very serious ideas for fixing the economy. How do we know? By the typeface.

Romney’s released a 59-page plan in one of those very, very serious typefaces – Garamond, or Cambria, or Times New Roman – Well, to be honest, I’m not sure which. But trust me. It’s a serious typeface. And get this:

There are graphs.

The graphs and layout and typography in this “jobs plan” remind us that Romney’s crowning career achievement was running the massive consulting company Bain. He’s clearly taken the chief maxim of the consulting profession to heart: If you can’t dazzle ‘em with brilliance, baffle ‘em with bullsh*t.

That’s exactly what this “plan” is. It’s a slickly packaged re-presentation of the same agenda that’s killed millions of American jobs and will kill millions more if enacted again.

But it is pretty. All typesetters show you their proposed layout using the same dummy Latin language, which begins “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna …”Those typesetters did a great job with this booklet. But the ideas?

Here are five reasons Romney’s “new ideas” are the same job-killing conservative poison we’ve swallowed and regurgitated before: (http://www.nationofchange.org/five-reasons-romneys-plan-same-old-job-killing-madness-1315494528)

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