28 Mar

KONY Uganda Hoax

“One of the heads of Jason Russell’s Invisible Children organization made a disturbing video after the charity won a $1 million grant … in which he appears to be drunk and joking about keeping $900,000 for himself. TMZ has obtained the clip … featuring Jedidiah Jenkins, the Director of Ideology for the charity dedicated to hunting down African warlord Joseph Kony. The footage appears to be shot in 2010 … right after Invisible Children won the $1 million grand prize in the Chase Community Giving Facebook competition. ” – TMZ.COM
I hope you didnt give these fools any money!

17 Mar

Look At My Kony: Viral Video Creator Busted Exposing Himself; Likely Under Influence

Jason Russell, the filmmaker behind the mega-viral “Kony 2012″ documentary, was hospitalized after being detained by San Diego police Thursday, the San Diego Police Department said.

Russell, 33, the co-founder of the San Diego-based advocacy group Invisible Children, was detained on San Diego’s Pacific Beach after police responded to reports from several callers that a man “was running through the street in his underwear,…interfering with traffic, banging his hands on the sidewalk,” and behaving irrationally, a San Diego Police Department spokeswoman said.

“Several callers called the police department [Thursday] to report the bizarre behavior from a gentleman, white male, age 33, who lived in the Pacific Beach Area,” San Diego Police Department spokeswoman Lt. Andra Brown told Yahoo News Friday. “Callers said he was running through the street in his underwear, …someone said he was naked and masturbating. Officers could not confirm that.” (more…)

09 Mar

Many Ugandans frustrated, suspicious of Kony 2012

The viral video campaign that put the name “Joseph Kony” atop Google searches and Twitter trends has stirred up frustration in Uganda, where the crimes of the infamous guerrilla leader are nothing new.

“The war is much more complex than just one man called Joseph Kony,” Ugandan journalist Rosebell Kagumire argues in the YouTube video above, saying the campaign gives a dated picture of Uganda. She added, “This is another video where I see an outsider trying to be a hero, rescuing African children.” (more…)

20 Oct

Rushed Limbaugh: Ignorance On Full Display As Rush Backs “Lords Resistance Army”

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